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It is our policy to ensure that each wind farm development brings tangible benefits to the local community. RES voluntarily offers a community benefits package based on £5,000 per megawatt installed. The package provides two main types of benefit: a Community Benefit Fund and a Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS).

RES will be working with the local community to set up the community benefit fund of £2,000 per installed megawatt and will make available £3,000 per installed megawatt through its innovative Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS). Under RES' LEDS initiative those residential, business and community properties (including schools, places of worship and village halls) closest to Penmanshiel Wind Farm will receive a direct discount off their electricity bill for the lifetime of the wind farm without needing to change tariff or supplier.

If you have any questions regarding community benefits at Penmanshiel Wind Farm, please contact callum.whiteford@res-group.com.